SEPYLA Club Contacts

To protect the names of our Member Club contacts we have a list that is accessible only by each Club’s SEPYLA REP and/or possibly the Club President. This list is to be used for SEPYLA league business purposes only.  Please note that the individuals listed below are the only ones authorized by their organization to cancel games due to inclement weather.

If you are striving to make a game change, feel free to reach out to the coach and explain the nature of your conflict. Once you have agreed upon a common date, you must populate the game change request form that is located in the left column tabs. The host of the game must also email the Conference appropriate “Officials Assignor” so that he can take swift action to move/assign officials for your game. 

If your SEPYLA rep is unable to access the “Coaching Contact” List, they should email Viewership of this document will not go beyond the two specific individuals previously mentioned for security reasons.