Coaching Certification

Please note: all non-teacher coaches MUST have a valid license as per New York State coaching regulations. If you are a non-teacher coach, please review the forms and information below and direct your questions or correspondence to your Athletic Director’s office.  As of July 1, 2009, all applications for coaching licenses are exclusively processed via the TEACH ONLINE website. Please continue to check this page for the most updated information regarding this State-mandated initiative.


Pathways I and II

Pathway Comparison – annual requirements for coaching certification for each pathway

Pathway I Cover Sheet – must accompany backup paperwork

Pathway II (NFHS) Cover Sheet – must accompany backup paperwork

Application information – apply via the TEACH ONLINE website

Directions – Step-by-step instructions for navigating the online application.

Course Equivalent Application – print and complete; send to NYS for evaluation

Extension for Coaching Course Requirements Application – print and complete; send to NYS for evaluation


CPR and First Aid courses

Nassau BOCES: CPR/First Aid Courses

State-approved CPR/First Aid courses for coaching certification

Verification Form *must accompany all American Red Cross course certificates

Coaching Courses

NFHS: Coaching Courses (Pathway II)

Customizable Professional Development: Coaching Courses (Pathway I)

State-approved providers of Coaching Courses

State-Mandated Workshops

Nassau BOCES: School Violence Prevention/Child Abuse/DASA workshops

Customizable Professional Development: School Violence Prevention/Child Abuse/DASA workshops

Fingerprinting (updated 8/2015, includes contact information for new vendor)


Other References
Coaching Presentation by Sec. VIII staff reviewing updated regulations and procedure (updated 8/2018)
Employment Opportunities
Open Positions (list of current coaching vacancies as reported by districts)
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